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What is So Special About This Unique Healing Recipe?

There are many natural healing recipes which are used for different kinds of diseases and health problems.
The most of them are specialized for certain kind of disease and for certain body system or organ.
This time we have here one healing recipe which is useful for health improvement of your blood circulation system, for healthier heart and very efficient as prevention against heart attack and cancer!
At the same time consummation of this natural product will help you to cleanse your liver and to improve your immunity.

How to Prepare Healing Recipe to Prevent and to Treat Several Diseases at Same Time?


  • 7 natural lemons,
  • 6 heads of fresh garlic,
  • 500 g of organic honey,
  • 200 gr of wheat sprouts,
  • 200 gr of walnuts.

What is So Special About This Unique Healing Recipe


Add fresh water into the dish and mix the raw wheat there.

Let it stay for 12 hours. Cover it with gauze and strain it well.

After 24 hours there will appear sprouts with size of about 2mm.

Melt the sprouts together with garlic and walnuts.

Add the juice of 8 lemons to the mixture and after it add the rest lemons (milled) together with the peel.

Finally add the honey and mix all the mixture well.

Pour the natural mixture into one glass jar and leave it into the fridge.

This healing recipe is very simple to be prepared and it is very tasty and refreshing at the same time.

You should start consuming it after 3-4 days.

It is great against all inflammatory processes and even it is prevention against cancer!

Boost your health and enhance your immunity by regular using of this mixture.

Take 1-2 tablespoons 1 hour before meals.

Larger doses are used in cases of prevention and treatment of cancer.

Source: www.healthlivingsolution.com

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