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Why Cucumber Water Is So Special For Your Health And Look?

Cucumber Water – Healthy Detox Drink
Among all superfoods, people who think they have skin problems should try out cucumber.
One of the most cultivated vegetable in the world, cucumbers are in the same botanical family as melons and squashes.
They are considered one of the absolute best foods for the health of skin, joints, liver, and kidneys.
Cucumber: Nutritional Property

Cucumbers are loaded with the mineral silica, which is an essential component for healthy connective tissue.

It is also rich in ionic potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C which give it a powerful alkalizing effect within the body.

Additionally, cucumbers are particularly rich in fluids that hydrate the skin, joints, and tissues.

Cucumbers are highly used to enhance skin quality.

The natural ascorbic acid and caffeic acid within the cucumber act to prevent water retention in the skin.

This reduces swelling under the eyes and helps the skin heal from sunburn, inflammation, and eczema.

Therefore, drinking cucumber water is quite healthy for skin.

Why Cucumber Water is So Special For Your Health And Look

How to Make Cucumber Water?

Wash the cucumber to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be present.

If desired, peel off the skin of the cucumber using a vegetable peeler or paring knife. Slice it lengthwise in half.

Slice the two halves into pieces .25-.5 inch (.6-1.25 cm) thick.

Seed the cucumber by removing the soft middle portion with a spoon prior to slicing. Put the cucumber slices in the pitcher with water.

Cucumber slices will float, so if you desire a stronger infusion put a layer of ice on top of the cucumbers to keep them below the surface of the water and store.

Cucumber Water - Healthy Detox Drink
Consume cucumber water regularly and feel its positive benefits on your look and health.
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