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Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies… But You Do

Food Allergies – The Health Problem of Modern Times

Just one human generation back in time the food allergies were not usual health problem as they are today. There were very few cases that everyone of us knew about them.
Nowadays these kinds of allergies are very common and they are affecting the general health. According medical statistics the number of emergency interventions connected with food allergies are increasing year by year.
This number has increased for 50% at past 15 years, especially at children. Allergies caused by milk are usually connected to the increased usage of growth hormones and antibiotics to the farm animals since early 90s of the past century.

What is the Reason of Increased Food Allergies Cases?

It is widely known that processed food is treated with many chemical and artificial substances which are causing serious health problems to the whole organism. Artificial flavors and food colors, food preservatives, additives and conserving substances are just few of them.

But the fact that is not known to the majority is that the processed food is containing artificial food proteins which are very harmful and dangerous. All these ingredients are the main trigger for appearance of the food allergies. The conclusion is that in the ruthless race for bigger profit of the food companies – the human health is exposed to extreme danger.

Milk was the first food product which was treated with these harmful substances, so it is very clear why there are many cases of allergies to milk especially at small children. It is known that the main reason of this milk allergy is so called rBGH hormone. It is an artificial hormone which is added to the cows’ diet in order to increase their milk production. But this hormone also showed unwanted bad side effects so many of the cows treated with rBGH are extremely exposed to many diseases. The consequence of this was including antibiotics at cows’ food. The first substances – rBGH hormone is causing allergies at the human organism and the second one – antibiotic is causing resistance of the bacteria in human organism to standard antibiotic therapies!

Why Food Allergies Were Not Frequently Noticed at Previous Generations?

Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies

It is quite clear that unprocessed food couldn’t cause any allergy, because this kind of food was consumed by people by generations. At those days all nutritive ingredients were almost 100% natural and without any preservatives and artificial additives. Also the human organisms weren’t exposed to other harmful environmental factors.

Food was free of chemicals, food flavoring, coloring and stabilizers. There was no GMO food, no antibiotics at the animal meat, almost non-polluted air and water etc. People’s immune system was much stronger and it could resist any outside attack to human health. Improper lifestyle, fast food, absence of harmful technology equipment etc are just increasing the risk of appearance of food allergies. If we judge by our experience so far – we can make conclusion that the future of our fight with food allergies is not so bright.

Consummation of natural food products, more clean air and more exercises could help us to resist the appearance of these serious health problems.

Source: butternutrition.com

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